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January 6th, 2009

TV Show episodes in 2008

Friends quote - I would but don't want t
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Movies to watch in 2008

Eddie Izzard - No one was alive then ani
I will not include the few movies I have seen in 2008 as this is a new goal and I want to start fresh. I have set a goal of 100 movies that are new to me (that I have never seen before). Therefore, a fresh list…

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January 1st, 2009

2008: a year in review

Wizard of Oz - ruby slippers
I've had some very good things happen this year, I have to admit. I decided the best way to explain all the changes is thru picture and short explanations.

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Last weekend we visited NYC, but I will include pictures later on. We haven't finished taking our NYC Xmas pictures, so I'll post those next week. We are headed to see Grease this weekend for the closing and to see Ace off again.

Stay tuned, as 2009 looks to be as interesting and as life changing as 2008!

Goals for 2008

Steve Carlson - You were saying? crotch
Seeing as it’s a new year, it’s the time for new beginnings. With that said, I’ve set out to accomplish a few things this year. I’d like to be a more productive individual, so here’s my list of things to accomplish in 2008.

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And that’s it. These are my goals for 2008. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I wanted to add another grouping for new things tried, but I’m not sure how to track that.But keeping a list and keeping organized is something new for me. So yay!  Let’s see how I do…

Happy New Year!

Amy Acker - Fred One Day I'll Fly Away
As is the tradition when a new year rolls in, most make new year's resolutions. I'm no different. I have decided that I will use my LJ more often and try to update it at least once a week. I also wanted to continure with my lists of books, movies and tv shows to watch. I didn't keep up with my lists towards the end of the year, but I know I did meet my goal of books to read and 500 episodes to watch. I did not meet my movie goal. I'm going to set the same goals for myself this year: 500 television episodes to watch (that I have never watched), 100 movies (that I have never watched), and 12 books to read (that I have never read). And I am also striving to lose weight, which is probably the most important.

We're actually doing a pool at work over the next 5 months to see who can lose the most as far as pounds and percentage. I'll be weighed in on the 7th with everyone else in the office participating. Whoever wins gets the entire pot after everyone puts in $25. I'm not sure how many people are participating yet, but it is really good program, I thought.

So that's it for me. I hope you all had a safe and fun new year's celebration. Happy new year to all my flist. *hugs*

I will be doing a year in review post very soon, including pictures!

November 30th, 2008


Steve Carlson - Ovary Overload
Donna and I have been quite the broadway babies recently! We've been spending nearly every other weekend going to see shows, just to make sure we see all we want to before everything closes in January. It's been a lot of fun. I know I've posted, but I wanna do a quick recap before I forget so I have note of it.

It all started at the Broadway Flea Market, when we saw Xanadu. We'd purchased tickets to see Ace Young in Grease that next week. Then for my birthday we saw A Tale of Two Cities and The Little Mermaid. A few weeks later we spent another Saturday seeing Spamalot and Wicked (with Kerry Ellis). We got lucky for the rush seats for Young Frankenstein on another Saturday, followed by Legally Blonde. We bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera ahead of time, and saw that on a Friday night.

Howard McGillin is probably the most animated Phantom I've ever seen. I'm a bit tired of that show. It's well done, and I would recommend it to anyone. But overall I think I'm done with that show. Unless there's someone in it that I specifically want to see, I don't think I'll go back. As a said note, Elizabeth Loyacano (Christine) is absolutely flawless as Christine, and I don't particularly care for anyone playing that role. But she was absolutely splendid.

Because we had run into my friend Ray over at the Two Cities theatre, he had told us the show was closing that Sunday. Thank God, Donna was off that Sunday so we could go back into the city to see the last performance of A Tale of Two Cities. (We'd been planning to see the show again anyways, so it just kind of worked out.)

As I had posted before we had purchased tickets for the Xmas Spectacular at Radio City for the past week. Unfortunately we purchesed another set of tickets for the same time to see Spamalot again with Clay before he leaves and the show closes. We weren't thrilled about getting into the Xmas spirit before Thanksgiving, so we sold the Radio City tickets. Since we bought tickets for Jersey Boys the same weekend, we made it a complete theatre weekend. We went in on Saturday to see Tom Hewitt in Chicago. I love that man, he's such an incredible talent. I'm sick of the show because it just seems tired. I think the last 3 times I've seen the show Charlotte D'Ambroise has been it, and it wasn't recently that I saw Chicago. That woman needs to retire from that show.

Don't get me wrong, she wasn't bad or even boring. I'd just like to see someone else in that show. New, fresh blood would probably breathe some life back into that show because it just seems tired. I don't know if I can actually describe it any other terms. But I'm grateful I got to see Tom Hewitt. After seeing Chicago, we saw the evening show of Jersey Boys. Why did I wait so long to see this show?! It's probably one of the best shows on Broadway at the moment. It's fantastic!

Matt Bogart, my quintessential Broadway leading man, is currently in it. We got to greet him after the show despite it being so cold. It was a proper reunion actually, and we got to talk for quite awhile. I've missed him, and I'm counting my lucky stars he's back on Broadway. He's so talented and dedicated to his craft.

The next day we were back in the city to see the matinee of Young Frankenstein (again). Donna got a kick out of Christopher Fitzgerald as Igor in the chair scene. If you've seen the show, you'll know what I mean. Luckily we managed to catch his final performance as he's moving on. So fate does actually move in mysterious ways. That night we caught Spamalot (again).

So that's it. We have to see Grease once more before Ace leaves in January, then we're taking a bit of a break from Broadway. I would like to see Shrek, but I'm not sure I wanna spend all that much money on it. Even with the discount, it's wildly expensive right now.

October 19th, 2008

Nearly all red!!

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October 5th, 2008

Because Donna and I have been trying so hard to see Wicked for the past month, we decided to make yesterday, Saturday another attempt to see Wicked day. For the record, we've seen Xanadu, A Tale of Two Cities and The Little Mermaid because we haven't won lottery Wicked tickets.

So this week, we got an email from playbill.com that Legally Blonde would be closing on October 19. We STILL haven't seen that one yet, and we watched the reality show that chose the new lead, Baily. We liked her a lot, so we've been flirting with the idea of seeing, just hadn't gotten around to it. Thankfully, with the announcement that the show was closing, playbill sent a great discount. We printed that off to take with us, just in case we didn't see Wicked again.

Our bus was about 20 minutes late yesterday, making us very late into the city. Because of this, we couldn't even try for the lottery for the Matinee performance. Not to be discouraged, we tried for Legally Blonde via the discount and TKTS. Apparently, Legally Blonde is hugely popular again because it wasn't available for either yesterday for either the afternoon or evening performance.

Not to be undone, we finally settled for getting tickets for the closing weekend using our trusty discount. We went up to Radio City and purchased tickets for the Christmas Spectacular (thanks again to playbill for the discount!). Unfortunately, we'll be getting into the Christmas spirit the week before Thanksgiving, but at least Donna will be getting the NYC Christmas experience this year properly.

Then we started considering our conundrum for the matinee performance. Since we were up on 52nd St, we hit the Jersey Boys theatre just to see if they had anything for the afternoon. I'd done my research, sadly no discount for this show. Knowing that we had to pay full price for this show did not prepare us for what they had available for the afternoon. $352 for each ticket for "premium seating". I don't know what that is, but I sure as hell don't want it for $352!!! Unless, we're talking premium seating for every show running on Broadway at the moment for a total of $352, then I'm all in. I just can't see spending that on one show for one ticket. For both of us to see that show at the price would be half a month's rent!!! Um, no.

We were just standing outside the theatre after the shock of the price, deciding what to do next when the reason for wanting to see that show walks up. I haven't seen Matt Bogart in years, and I followed that man for awhile. Shit, I was practically his shadow! Anyways, we had a nice little reunion. I finally got my Matt hug that I've been dying for since I'd last seen him.

Still not discouraged, Donna and I made our way over to TKTS for tickets to SOMETHING. After looking at our options and asking who had the best seats available, we went with Spamalot. I've been wanting to see Clay for some time, so this was my chance. I'm not huge on Monty Python so in a way I wasn't really looking forward to this. How wrong I was! This show was so much fun! Clay is incredibly good at musical theatre, and made me laugh a lot. The Guard scene in the second act nearly had me peeing my pants. (FUNNY!!!!) I'm so glad I went. I enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would.

After the show, we went to the stage door just to see if Clay would come out. There was a mob scene out there, so we couldn't really get all that close to him, but I did manage to get him to sign my playbill - yay!

After that, we went around the corner to meet up with dementordelta who was seeing Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) in Equus. We were all ready to snap pics of Harry Potter in person, but Cheryl had to go to the Two Cities theatre a block over. Very discouraged about not snapping pics of Harry Potter, we're determined to get it yet. Anyways, baby alert was happening over at Two Cities. James Barbour's wife gave birth to a daughter about 5 weeks ago. Donna and I got to see the baby last weekend when we saw the show, so this was not new for us. Anyways, we joined Jim and Cheryl down the block to see Jim's baby, Hudson. She's teeny tiny, and Jim is just fascinated with her.

The reason we met up with Cheryl was to have her throw her name into the lottery for us. She had some friends in town as well to see Equus, so she was gonna try to convince them to come with us to throw their names in as well. Unfortunately we only go Cheryl and one other person to come over the Gershwin with us to put their names in. Turns out this night was our night... Donna's name was called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won the lottery finally, and we were going to see Kerry Ellis in Wicked on Broadway! Yay!!

We had dinner across the street at Ellen's Stardust Diner (home of the singing wait staff). I love this place, and have done so for YEARS. I remember going with my mother back when I first saw Jekyll and Hyde over 10 years ago. After dinner, we walked over to Virgin quickly and then back to the Gershwin for the show.

I cannot express how amazing Kerry Ellis is. She just blows me away, and I'm absolutely ecstatic that I got to see her again. If you can, SEE HER! We're gonna go in one day with the London souvenier program to have her sign it. As it was, we were getting tired and wanted to get to our bus and get home. As we made our way to Port Authority, we stopped by the Brooks Atkinson to see Ace. He was still outside the door talking with some people and his brother, Ryan was there. He gave us a hug each and had a conversation about theatre with us until he excused himself to go have food. We turned to go, and even Ryan remembered me! Crazy!

As we got down to 44th St, we decided to try our luck at getting a glimpse of Harry Potter. The mob outside that theatre was absolutely staggering! The sidewalk was packed to the Shubert theatre and the Majestic theatres, not to mention the sidewalk across the street. Xanadu had closed (the Helen Hayes theatre being directly across the street from Equus) so people had mobbed in front of there. We got pictures of the mob, but none of Harry Potter. He didn't make it out by the time that we decided to make our way back to Port Authority.

As a side note, we ran into Jason Biggs twice, Wes Craven, and a look alike (if not the actual person) Liza Weil - Paris from Gilmore Girls. A very packed day! I got to swoon over Matt, Jim and Ace all in one day. Yay!

Pictures of the day to follow shortly!

September 29th, 2008

*SIGH and stretch*

Ace Young - Ace and Me "Dream Come True"
It's been a hell of a week! But oh, so much fun!

So, yeah, it was my birthday this past weekend, and Donna and I had started celebrating early. (Pretty customary for us, really.) It all started last weekend. We went into NYC for the Broadway Flea Market. The original idea was to go in to buy poster frames for my Broadway window cards to finish off my bedroom, but things quickly changed. (Anyone know where I might find those as cheaply as possible? I've obviously tried Triton.)

We bummed around the Broadway Flea Market and the San Gennaro Festival for a little while, but didn't find much. So we decided to try for the Wicked lottery. We are dying to see Kerry Ellis again as Elphaba because she rocked it hardcore when we saw her in London. Obviously I haven't paid for Wicked tickets in full before about 3 times, so I'm done. I want cheapy tickets, damnit!! We didn't win, so we hit TKTS. I would've chose A Tale of Two Cities, but they had just started their new schedule so they didn't have a performance that Sunday. I let Donna choose, and so she picked Xanadu.

She loves the movie (for which we just purchased the special edition dvd) so I swallowed my dislike for Kerry Butler and bought the TKTS tickets. I knew it was supposed to close in October and we'd most likely miss it if we didn't go then. (Who knew it would even move up the closing date two weeks early then?! Spooky!) Cute show! How much do I love Mary Testa?

We'd already bought tickets for Grease way ahead of time, when it had been announced that Ace would join the cast. That was Thursday and you can see my post/pictures here

Donna requested off from work this weekend, so we could celebrate even more. Saturday was my actual birthday, so we headed into the city again. With the idea that we'd have 2 chances to see Wicked by lottery. We didn't win either time, so we ended up hitting TKTS again. We chose A Tale of Two Cities (because I love James Barbour and Gregg Edelman and Ray McLeod) and The Little Mermaid (becasue we both love Disney).

I highly recommend A Tale of Two Cities. So moving, and what a story!! Some of the songs are quite haunting. The cast, for the most part, is high calliber. I cannot sing the praises of Natalie Toro, Brandi Burkhardt, Kevin Earley, James Barbour, and Gregg Edelman enough. Just wow! The show is paced within an inch of its life, and it just seems to fly by. Just amazing! I can't wait to see it again and really take it all in.

Since I've known Raymond McLeod for about 10 years, he invited me backstage. Apparently they are letting anyone back there now. There must have been about 100 people backstage that day, and it felt very crowded. Anyways, as I was walking in, James Barbour was standing right there on the phone. He seemed shocked that I was there, but gave me a quick hug before continuing his phone call. I caught up with Ray a bit and introduced him to Donna. And then Ray introduced us to Gregg Edelman (EEKK!!). The stage area of the Al Hirschfeld is very small, and they obviously do very well with using every bit of it.

Anyways, we were there until we had to go back over to Wicked to try the lottery again. No luck, so got the Little Mermaid tickets. I was both excited and devastated that Norm Lewis was out. I adore him to no end, but I also like his understudy, Merwin Foarde. Sherie Rene Scott is just beyond description phenomenal. I wish the show had been about Ursala. She just absolutely owns it. Sierra Boggess is adorably charming as Ariel. She is just like a living cartoon character. Sean Palmer (as Prince Eric) is a bit disappointing actually. He has very little life behind his characterization, and it just seemed to fall a little flat. Nearly everyone else was top notch. I'm not huge on Disney on Broadway only because they seem so similar to the movies that I feel I can save myself $100+ and stay home and watch the movie. Never cared for Lion King other than the production value. Didn't much care for Beauty and the Beast, because just blah. Aida was probably the best one, because it felt real. (I haven't seen Mary Poppins.) And the Little Mermaid just feels like a glorified high school production with some outstanding sets!! Again, the production value here is just unfathomable.

So that was our NYC adventures this week. Then yesterday we ran around shopping. My god! When you leave your grocery/essential shopping for once a month, you certainly can spend a lot of money and time catching up. We left our apartment yesterday morning around 11am, and couldn't sit down and rest again until 9:30pm. Just wow!

I decided that I shouldn't go to work today, and stayed home to rest. Because on top of all this, I've been nursing a nasty cold. My fever started on Friday morning sometime, and I managed to kick it just in time to enjoy Saturday!

September 26th, 2008

Ace and me!!

Ace Young - Ace and Me "Dream Come True"
So as a birthday present, dingoespain and I went to see Ace in Grease on Broadway. (*SQUEES LOUDLY* I LOVE HIM!!!) The show was not so good. Ace was okay in the acting area which obviously isn't his forte. There was one moment that he had that was so pure, so honest, so true that I nearly fell outta my seat. An actor in the making perhaps.

Anyways, the real reason to go see the show is to stage door afterwards. (And yes, stage door is a verb!) I was right by the barricade, which is good. And I was about the 3rd person from the actual theatre from where the cast members start. I basically ignored everyone else, because they weren't all that good.

Finally Ace came out and started signing playbills and whatnot. I was not long before he got to me. And he looks at me for a moment, and then says, "HEY!!!" He immediately pulls me into the biggest hug in all my life. Never in a million years did I think he would remember me from 2 years ago. Yes, I did follow him around for a whole summer, but it just never occured to me.

So he's talking away while we're hugging and then he lets me go for a moment just to pull me in for another hug. Roomie informs him that it's my birthday and he wished me a good one and all that fun stuff. And then this was followed by another hug!

Then he moved on down the crowd which numbered in the tens really. It was raining, so I guess most everyone gave up and left if they couldn't get near the barricade under the awning. After that everyone kind of dispersed, and we made our way around this car that was parked outside the stage door on the way to our car down the block. And we ran into Ace again. He gave me another hug, and another birthday wish. And we just kinda talked for about a minute before going our separate ways. He did encourage me to stalk him again, so I may just have to - if only for just another hug.

Pictures this way...Collapse )

So I had a fabulous night... how are you?!
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