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Confessions of a fangirl

Just a quickie....

Just a quickie....

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Amy Acker - Fred One Day I'll Fly Away
An extremely quick update on life here...

Co-worker G may be getting the idea that I am not interested. But I'll soon find out. It's been difficult to IM while I've had a trainee all week.

Trainee V is beyond excellent, and I'm sure she'll do well. I'm training her with more effort than I've given any other trainee. I probably shouldn't have her too much longer, but I'm not sure.

Not much going on at home. We seem to be playing more video games than watching movies and/or television shows at the moment.

I finished my second book of the year so far, and have started my third. I'm sticking with Sophie Kinsella and then I think I may go back to Philippa Gregory or Charlaine Harris. I'll go with whichever strikes my fancy once I finish my other two Sophie books (and I haven't picked up the others by then).

The Wii and the DS rock!!!!

I think more pictures next week...

That's all for now.

    hi =)
  • Just a quickie....

    It sounds like things are going well at work.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your video games and books.

    I'm looking forward to your pics.

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